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About Me

Who is DJ JCutz?

I was born in San Francisco, and grew up in Fogtown, Daly City.  I went to college at Sacramento State and have lived in Sacramento ever since.  I have a beautiful wife, daughter, and twin boys.  I love playing and watching sports (Go Niners, Warriors, and Giants).  I also enjoy watching movies, dancing and listening to music, especially old school music. I like to listen to music from the 70's to the early 2000's (can't believe that is considered old school already).  My favorite genre and era is Hip Hop and R&B from the 90's.

Why DJ JCutz?

I have always had a love for music and dancing. My interest in mixing started at a young age when I used to watch my cousins DJ in their garage.  On occasion, they let me spin on their turntables to practice.  My cousins even had their own DJ group called Center of Attraction!!  I was so excited to help them with their gigs that I didn't mind carrying crates full of records into the venue.  Of course, I didn't mix, but I enjoyed just being in the background.  I loved the environment and listening to the smooth transitions from one song to the next. I have to say one of the best parts was seeing everyone enjoy themselves on the dance floor. Even though I had the skills to mix, I was too shy and lacked the confidence to mix in front of people, or maybe I didn't want to make my cousins feel bad in case I was better than they were (Bert, that's a joke in case you're reading this).

About 4 years ago, I took a leap of faith and bought my own DJ Controller.  I finally took my fascination with mixing and turned it into a hobby.  What started off as a hobby, soon turned into a side gig as a mobile DJ when I was asked to DJ my Goddaughter's first birthday.  I’m happy to say that since my first performance as a DJ, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing clients and gain invaluable experience. Most importantly, I enjoyed how each event reminded me of the joy I felt watching everyone enjoy the music; like in my younger days!

As a DJ, I want to share my love of music and mixing to get people on the dance floor. I also want to add the nostalgia of old school music to each event, reminding everyone how things were "back in the days". 

My purpose is to make the old school feel fresh again.

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